Sing Across America is a new TV show that showcases singers from cities across America. All genres: Gospel, Country, R&B, Contemporary Christian, Rock and Pop. Artists may perform with tracks, guitar or piano. This is a Three year project. We plan to visit 100 small towns, rural cities and several major cities across America.

The Show will be sponsored by National Sponsors as well as Local TV and Radio Stations and Local Sponsors from the cities and towns we are visiting. We will be videotaping in each city for an entire day and evening in each location.  We will feature all styles and genres of gospel music and everyone will be showcased on our website.  Our producers will select the artists that are featured on our Broadcast Show. This is not a contest. We are looking for unique Singers, Duos Trios and Groups that have talent and presence. Artist interviews and testimonies will also be aired on the show. Each show will also feature a profile of each city we visit, showcasing the sights, sounds and flavors of your home.

This is a rare opportunity for you to tell the world about your dreams, heritage and beliefs, sharing your journey in Music from your Home Town. We encourage everyone to sing original music written by yourself or a songwriter that you know from your area. 

We're also encouraging all artists to help us bring this great opportunity to your area.  Become a part of our Street Team and receive Special Offers, VIP Rewards and links to music, videos and more.  Tell your Church, School, City Officials, Chamber of Commerce and all your friends about this exciting Showcase for Independent Artists All Across America. Spread the Word!

For more information about Sing Across America call Norbert at 865-773-8466 or email

Watch the videos on our Gallery Page and like our Facebook Page

Check this site frequently for details, updates, news and schedule. See you soon as we Sing Across America.